Landscaping Musts for New Homeowners

[MUSIC] For a homeowner that moves into a current home and wants to e evaluate the landscape that they have I think it’s a really good idea to create an existing master plan of, maybe what you have. And, one of the easiest and most affordable ways to do that, is to contact an expert like a landscape designer or a landscape architect to do that for you, because it’s a good way of knowing what you You have. And what’s currently going to work and works for you, and maybe what’s not. And a lot of times, some people planted trees that don’t belong where they belong. And in the next five or ten years, they’re going to be on top of the house. That’s something that’s good to know. know, or if there is something that you can add to something and help you on your way. I would recommend doing that. I would recommend getting an assessment of what you currently have on your property and take note of what you really like and things you don’t like and start from there and play From there and that was a great place to start. [BLANK_AUDIO]