Creative garden rooms, garden shed and garden pod design ideas

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There are so many ways to use a small structure in your garden. Garden rooms, garden offices, an outdoor music studio or a cozy backyard retreat – the options are endless.

Here you can find a large collection of ideas how to design, furnish and insulate your garden shed into a comfortable space depending on your personal need.

Garden rooms for your hobby

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If you need an outdoor music studio so that you can play your piano, guitar, violin or drums without disturbing family and neighbors, the garden shed is a wonderful idea. You will have your artistic freedom without disturbing the family and the neighbours and garden rooms are all about that, right?


Garden rooms as a home art studio ideas – an opportunity to break the rules of design

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If you need a home art studio or a special place for your hobby, the garden shed is a fantastic opportunity to organize your home art studio. The natural light flow is a big plus and you can practice your favourite hobby without actually leaving your home.


Garden storage ideas – how to keep the outdoor space organized


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Garden sheds and pods can be used as garden storage so that your outdoor area looks tidy and uncluttered. Even the smallest garden shed can accommodate your garden tools and you will enjoy a well organized space.


Garden rooms – fantastic landscape and ideas for design


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Garden rooms offer you an additional living space and with the right design and insulation they can be used all year round for meeting with friends or just having a peaceful time outdoors.


Garden office ideas – garden office pods and garden office sheds


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Garden office pods and garden office sheds are very popular among people working at home. They give you the home office that you need, save your time and money on travelling to work and give you the opportunity to plan your working hours more effectively.


Modern shed ideas – elegant home office or a cozy garden retreat


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Modern garden sheds come in a wide variety of designs, sizes and styles. Depending on the available garden space and your need, you can turn a garden shed to a laundry room, man cave, storage space even a playhouse for the kids.


25 Garden house ideas – the perfect addition to the backyard


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A small garden house can be the perfect backyard retreat. Choose comfortable furniture, blooming flowers and elegant accessories and you will have the perfect place to spend a couple of hours outdoor.


18 beautiful garden shed ideas for your outdoor space


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Small garden sheds are the ideal playhouse for your children. You will feel calm for their safety as they will play within your backyard.


Garden design ideas – small sheds and cottages for a cozy retreat


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If you need a romantic place or a modern outdoor garden room, the garden shed gives you the opportunity to have the relaxing place of your dreams. You can choose a contemporary garden shed design or a more traditional style and furnish it accordingly.


15 adorable garden house ideas with traditional and modern designs


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A garden shed, or a garden house, if you wish, adds living space to your home. For a small house this is an opportunity to design a guest bedroom and accommodate family members and friends staying overnight.



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Modern shed ideas garden shed design ideas wooden deck

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Garden leisure room garden shed imodern design patio design

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