Mess-Free Easter-Egg Decorating? Sign Us Up!

Rainbow felt Easter egg craft

Our egg-dyeing adventures inevitably end with egg dye all over, and some sort of muddy-brown-looking Easter eggs (Lily likes to dip each egg in ALL the colors in an effort to make them rainbow eggs). So, what to do that would entertain us both, be mostly clean, and give us some fun Easter-egg action? We sat down to brainstorm and came up with this easy felt Easter-egg project that is great for all ages! 



• Paper egg pattern
• Felt or felted wool (scraps work well)
• Scissors

• Fabric glue
• Needle and thread or sewing machine (optional) 

Upcycled Wool Easter Egg Decorations

Step 1: 

Cut two egg-shaped patterns out of felt and sew them together to make a neat two-sided egg canvas to decorate. You can make this a no-sew project — then you will just have two single-layer eggs to decorate.


Options for tailoring this step to your child’s age and abilities:

• Punch holes in the felt and let your little one lace the eggs together with yarn.

• Have your beginning sewist hand-stitch the eggs with needle and thread, you could even have them practice some embroidery stitches to decorate the egg.

• If your kiddo loves glue (and who doesn’t), let them glue the edges of the felt together.

Mess free felt egg decorating

Step 2:

Cut lots of egg-cessories out of felt or felted wool in fun colors. Felted wool works well for these decorations because it sticks together, but it isn’t the only option. 


If you don’t have any old sweaters or scraps for this step, here are some other materials you could try:

• Craft felt from your local hobby store

• Old T-shirts or fabric scraps

• Yarn scraps

• Construction paper

• Found treasures from the yard

Polka-dot Easter egg craft

Step 3:

Now decorate! Design one egg then take off all the pieces and design another one! If you want to keep a particular design, just glue on the embellishments.


This project really took on a life of its own. Lily dove into my felted wool scraps and picked out all her favorite patterns and colors. We cut out all sorts of fun shapes to use in decorating our felt Easter egg (I drew patterns for some of our favorites along with the pattern for the egg above, but you can just improvise too) and happily spent the next two hours decorating and undecorating our egg while taking pictures of each fabulous creation so that we could share them with friends later. Lily’s favorite creation was her “Super Egg” complete with purple wool cape; my favorite was our rainbow-striped egg. 


We think this egg would make a great addition to an Easter basket, or your bag of tricks for a rainy spring day!


Enjoy getting creative with your kids. I can’t wait to hear what fun designs you come up with!