Meet the Amazing Mom Who is Crocheting These Pokémon Characters and Giving Them Away for Free

pokemon go crochet ball

Photography by: Nichole Dunigan

If you’re one of the approximately 20 million people playing Pokémon Go (aka grownup ’90s kids with a deferred dream of being an IRL Pokémon trainer), then you’ve caught your fair share of Pidgeys, Pikachus, and Zubats.


But we bet you haven’t caught any Pokémon like these! A woman named Nichole Dunigan is bringing the game to the next level: She crochets miniature Pokémon characters, and leaves them at PokéStops for other players to find.


The whole idea started with a crocheted PokéBall toy, which she made for her son. (Can you say, “Coolest Mom Ever”?)


“He loved it,” Dunigan says, “which made me think about the park next to our house. In the game, you find virtual Pokémon so the thought popped into my head about finding ‘real’ Pokémon! Having kids find them would be so amazing.”


Feeling inspired, the mom left a crocheted Jigglypuff at a PokéStop near her local park. It was snatched up within an hour. And so what started as a funny inside joke with her son, quickly became a viral sensation she’s calling “Crochet Go.” The crocheted critters are a huge hit with Pokémon Go players in her hometown of Lewisville, Texas — among kids and kids-at-heart alike! She hides them at PokéStops everywhere.


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pokemon go crochet pokestops

Photography by: Nichole Dunigan

And we mean everywhere: under bushes, flowerbeds, park water fountains, and even up in tree branches!


For Dunigan, the positive feedback from her community is all the more meaningful. “I was recently diagnosed with social anxiety and generalized anxiety, so I started playing Pokémon Go after receiving treatment as a way to branch out and meet people,” she says. “That’s what initially got me into the game.”

pokemon go crochet poliwag

Photography by: Nichole Dunigan

Dunigan has made free patterns for at least a dozen different characters, including this perfectly crocheted Poliwag.

pokemon go crochet koffing

Photography by: Nichole Dunigan

And this cool-looking Koffing.

pokemon go crochet snorlax

Photography by: Nichole Dunigan

And this sleepyheaded Snorlax.

pokemon go crochet squirtle

Photography by: Nichole Dunigan

And this smiling Squirtle.

pokemon go crochet pikachu

Photography by: Nichole Dunigan

And — saving the best for last — Pikachu!

pokemon go crochet

Photography by: Nichole Dunigan

Here’s the best part: You can download free patterns to make each of these Pokemon (and more!) at Nichole’s page, Nichole’s Nerdy Knots. When they’re this cute and cuddly, you’ve gotta crochet ’em all.