Martha’s Green and Purple Eggs


Photography by: Ryan Liebe

Use these dye baths and vary the amount of time submerged to achieve different gradations in color. For all dye baths: Add 2 teaspoons white vinegar to 1 cup warm water, then add food coloring. Let each egg rest in the dye bath, turning it regularly, for the amount of time indicated, or until the desired shade is achieved. Tip: Dyeing brown eggs will result in a deeper, richer color. (Dye colors listed are available at


Chartreuse (on white egg, 10 minutes):
10 drops Neon Green
1 drop Yellow


Dark Green (on brown egg, 5 minutes):
12 drops Blue
4 drops Yellow


Bright Purple (on white egg, 10 minutes):
22 drops Neon Purple
4 drops Blue
2 drops Black


Dark Purple (on brown egg, 5 minutes):
22 drops Neon Purple
9 drops Blue
6 drops Black