How to Turn an Old Dress Shirt Into the Perfect Father’s Day Gift Wrap


Photography by: David Stark

With simple supplies and an old dress shirt, we’ve made our own one-of-a-kind gift wrap that’s dressed to impress, but oh so easy to make. Simply grab an old dress shirt dad no longer wears. Or, take a quick trip to your local thrift store to find plenty of options. In just 10 minutes you have a wow-worthy outcome that will charm any father.


Photography by: David Stark


An old dress shirt

Sewing machine or hand sewing supplies


Cardstock paper (in a color that works with your dress shirt)

Pencil and markers

Straight pins


Photography by: David Stark

Step 1

To begin, carefully cut off the sleeves at the seam with your scissors. Fasten the buttons, turn it inside out, and place your gift inside. Fold back bits of cloth so that the gift fits snugly inside the shirt. Use pins to note the areas where you will need to sew.


Photography by: David Stark

Step 2

Remove the gift and sew the bottom and sides of the shirt. (This is easier than it looks; no need to have master sewing skills — you just need to be able to sew a straight line.) Trim off any extra fabric.


Photography by: David Stark

Step 3

Turn the shirt so the correct side is facing out again and undo the buttons before slipping in your gift. Once the gift is inside, fasten the buttons and fold the shirt’s collar.


Photography by: David Stark

Step 4

Cut out a tie using the cardstock paper and carefully cut a slit and then a circle at the top of the tie that will fit around the top button of the dress shirt gift-wrap. (This DIY tie can be saved and used again for next year!)


Photography by: David Stark

Step 5

This is a good time to get little kids involved and adorn it with your message to Dad. Kids can break out the markers or crayons to decorate it anyway they want. 


Photography by: David Stark

Step 6

Finish by adding the tie “card” to the shirt by securing it around the top button.