How to Make Paper Animal Masks for Kids



–  animal masks templates
–  assorted colored or patterned papers
–  scissors
–  thin (new or repurposed) cardboard, such as a cereal box
–  decoupage glue
–  1-inch to 3-inch (2.5cm–7.5cm) flat paintbrush
–  ruler or straightedge
–  bone folder
–  craft knife
–  elastic string or ribbon
–  cutting mat
–  pencil
–  ¼-inch (6mm) hole punch or large needle


1.  Begin by printing out the animal head templates. Select a colorful piece of paper to be the background of the face and place it, colored side down, on the table. Use the face templates to cut faces out of cardboard. Coat the cardboard with decoupage glue and lay face down on the back of the chosen papers. Smooth it out with your hand and allow them to dry under a weight. Set aside.

2.  Using the templates, cut out the remaining animal pieces from the decorative papers you choose. Pick a sturdy paper for the tiger ears, tiger snout, and owl beak pieces. Crease the beak and snout pieces according to the templates. To do so, lay the corresponding template over the snout or beak piece. Set a ruler or straightedge on the crease lines and run a bone folder along it. These lines will transfer to the pieces below. Set aside.

3.  Cut the eye holes out of the tiger head, owl face, and owl eyes using a craft knife.

4. Apply all the pieces to the cardboard face using decoupage glue.

5.  For the tiger snout: Fold the flaps back from the center triangle of the tiger’s nose. Using decoupage glue, adhere the angled tabs together, forming the three-dimensional snout. The tabs at the base of the snout should be folded inward and will be hidden. Apply glue to these tabs and adhere the snout to the tiger’s face.

6.  For the owl beak: Fold backward away from the center diamond shape. Apply glue to the angled tabs and adhere the beak to the owl’s face.