12 Months of Martha: A Doll DIY Party from Flax & Twine


Photography by: Courtesy of Flax and Twine

The Inspiration

Anne started her crafterly blog, Flax & Twine, to spend more time making with her family. So when her daughter Allie asked her to make this doll, she was overjoyed. Here’s what she had to say about making the doll — and the party that ensued afterwards. “I spent the morning stitching the adorable doll above from Jane Bull’s Made by Me. It had patterns for the skirt and shirt, a nightie, and a little bag to carry the whole thing. One side of the doll face is awake; one is asleep. Allie calls her Megan. She is absolutely adorable, for sure. More importantly, Allie and I had a ball making her together.


“Then came play time. We decided that the doll, Megan, simply had to host a Doll DIY party and invite all the little mini-friends piled in the far reaches of her room. Allie and I got to work. Allie loved helping me do this. From painting the paperboard to cutting the fabric to the punching part, we loved each step!”


Photography by: Courtesy of Flax and Twine

The Projects

To complete the party, Anne and Allie created miniature paper plates with cloth napkins and napkin rings. They also made party lanterns and paper bunting and a miniature bouquet for a centerpiece.

How to Make the Doll Party Decorations on Flax & Twine