Martha Stewart Crafts Must-Have: Cut-and-Fold Punch


The petal design is perfect for creating cut-and-fold embellishments that mimic the beauty of flowers. Each folded cut creates a 3-D bud and leaf. When combined in a circular pattern, it creates the illusion of a magnificent bloom.


This abstract heart design punches a contemporary shape. Get in touch with your inner artist to create the modern looks pictured above.


One of our favorite designs is the heart. This cut creates the illusion of a heart when it’s folded over. It would make the perfect Valentine or gift box embellishment for your sweetheart. You can even create your own twist on a classic doily by layering the hearts over one another, as shown in the image above.


For a striking geometric pattern, try the pinwheel design. Here, we used it in layered circles to create a multidimensional pinwheel and as a flashy border on colorful gift boxes. The neon colors keep things fresh and exciting.


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Learn more about the Cut-and-Fold Punch and accessories at, and at your local Michaels. And be sure to watch the video below to learn the tips and tricks of using this innovative new tool!