Decorate a Felt Banner for the Holidays


This felt project can ring in any season or announce any holiday with it’s colorful lettering and fun buttons, ribbons and patches. 

One of my most favorite fall projects is designing and sewing a “welcome autumn” banner. I love working with the hand stitching and creating the letters out of buttons and ribbons or contrasting felt colors.

I haven’t had the time to make one for Christmas, or any of the winter holidays, but I’m gathering my materials as we speak!

Materials List:

  • Enough felt to have one 6” by 9” rectangle per letter of your saying
  • Additional felt for cutting out letters, highlights, extra shapes
  • Pre made embroidered patches to add
  • Buttons, ribbons and other items to embellish
  • Scissors
  • Sewing Machine
  • Needle and matching threads
  • Ruler



1. Start by cutting rectangles of craft felt, measuring 9” by 6”. Then fold over and machine stitch along the top edge to create a pocket for a ribbon, string or wire to pass through.


2. Next, arrange a variety of different colored felt panels, enough to spell “celebrate autumn”, “welcome autumn”, or maybe “hooray for fall”. And this of course can be any sentiment you wish!


3. Cut letters out by hand, or find large letter templates at a craft or office supply store. Mixed and matched your felt colors and remember to make some letters out of buttons or feathers or ribbon! To sew the letters on use the sewing machine, for interest with others, hand stitch!


4. Then the fun begins as you find interesting buttons and embroidered patches to sew on. Try cutting out contrasting letters with pinking sheers, sew things on with blanket stitches, etc, etc. This step is why I LOVED this project!

A finished banner can be hung over a picnic table for a fall picnic. Or, it could be above your front door or hanging in a stairwell. For other holidays, the banner could swing high above your Christmas tree, it could be a lovely welcome for Hanukkah in your foyer, or even be in Kwanza colors above your fireplace! A holiday banner would make a great gift as well for those special friends or family members that truly appreciate a hand crafted gift from the heart! Have fun!