Craft a Pretty Floral Boule for Spring


What’s a floral boule you ask?  Matt asked too, and it’s simply a “ball” made out of flowers and pretty ribbon to be used as an accessory.

Quite some time ago on Room by Room, during a coffee break craft, I taught Matt how to make a Rose Boule.  Well none of the guys on the set liked saying “Rose Boule” (pronounced “bool”) so they called it a Rose Boolie.  Well, the name stuck and time and time again they would joke about the Rose Boolie.

So, for old time’s sake, I’m making a Spring Boolie!  I chose very little color for my boule because I like the fact that some spring flowers are very delicate and soft in nature and I wanted this rather large ball of flowers to be light and airy, not too colorful and obtrusive.  I selected two different hues of Hydrangea and many stems of a tiny white flower whose name I don’t know.  I believe I had a few stems of Queen Anne’s Lace left over from making the spring nests and because they are white, I thought I might as well use them to help fill in this floral ball.  You should choose colors that accent your décor and the rest of your springtime decorations.


Materials List:

  • 6” Styrofoam sphere
  • Sheets of moss cloth
  • Greening pins
  • Flowers of your choice
  • Hot glue gun
  • Awl or pen
  • Ribbon



1. The first step is to cover the foam ball with the moss cloth so the green foam doesn’t show through the flowers. I was using leftover moss from a project my son did for school so I had irregular shaped pieces.  I cut notches and curves to make them fit as best I could and help the pieces in place with greening pins.


As you can see, I couldn’t cover the ball completely, but I’ll just make sure that in those spots where the foam shows through I use thick flowers!


2.  The next step is to fill the ball up with flowers and I found that to push those through I needed some extra help.  An awl would be the perfect tool but I couldn’t find mine so I chose to use my pen!


The pen made a great hole to get things started.  I first added some hot glue…


…and quickly pushed the stem into the hole and then further down into the foam.  Don’t be alarmed at the sizzle you may hear as the hot glue melts some of the foam.



After a few minutes I realized that it would make sense to cut down all my stems first instead of doing them as I went along.  So at about this time I took a break and made little piles of each of the flowers.  After that, things sped right along!








3.  Leave an opening at the top of your boule for attaching the bow and ribbon.  Once the bow is made, use a greening pin in the center…..







…along with some hot glue, to hold the bow in place.  Make sure to have a long piece of ribbon attached if you want to hang your spring boule.






If you plan on placing it in a bowl as a centerpiece you won’t need the extra ribbon. Doesn’t it look great with some placemats and contrasting ribbon on the table?

Now that’s a pretty “boolie”!