Mumkins Are Pumpkins Made out of Mums!


Now how cute are these colorful and attractive pumpkins made out of mums? Well, cute enough for you to make a whole mumkin patchful!

Ah, the sweet, sweet aroma of fresh picked mumkins! We grow them especially for the fall time of the year. They are used first as decoration and then we cut ‘em up and make “flowerless” desserts out of them! Get it? Just kidding. They are a twist on the old standard pumpkin accessory and they are quick and easy to make. Matt has just a little trouble in the video as you’ll see, but I can always set him straight by just taking the project away from him and doing it myself! Hahaha!



Materials List:

Small foam pumkins with stems and leaves (grab some at the end of the season for next year)

Silk mums or flowers of your choice

Wire cutters






1. Using the wire cutters, Clip off most of the flower stems leaving about 2” to insert into the foam pumpkin.







2. Start pushing the short stems of the flowers into the foam pumpkin. Space the flowers evenly to hide the pumpkin underneath.






3. Alternate the flower colors as well to give an overall random appearance. I should also mention that we didn’t cover the bottom of the pumpkin so it would sit nicely on any surface.







Use your pretty mumkin in displays around the house that can take you from late September to late November. Make up a couple extra as gifts. They are quick and easy, just ask Matt!!