A Sustainable (and Delectable!) Easter Napkin Ring

single setting at table

With temperatures starting to warm and the snow (finally) starting to melt, we are ready to shake off these winter blues and turn our attention to spring…and Easter! With its soft colors and cheerful flowers, Easter is the perfect holiday for our next DIY craft project. Knowing that we will be hosting our families for the holidays, we wanted to create a simply beautiful tablescape using all sustainable materials with a nod toward our Hand in Hand aesthetic. The answer: edible napkin rings!



– Cloth napkin
– Baker’s twine
– Dried lavender
– Simple & Crisp dried orange slices 
– Scissors

materials needed

Step 1:

Take your cloth napkin and fold it in half lengthwise and then again so that you have a square. Lay the napkin on a table in the shape of a diamond. Starting with the corner closest to you, roll the napkin up.

napkin roll

Step 2:

Roll the napkin all the way to the other end, making sure to not roll it too tight.

rolled napkin

Step 3:

Cut a 10-inch section of baker’s twine. Use one hand to hold the rolled napkin in place while using the other to slide the twine under the napkin, making sure each side of twine is even. Bring the ends together and secure in a knot on top of the rolled napkin.

tying twine

Step 4:

Next, take out a dried orange slice and, using a small pair of scissors, gently poke two small holes around the center of the slice.

cutting dried orange

Step 5:

Take one end of the twine and thread it through one hole of the orange slice from the back, so the loose end hangs off the top of the slice. Repeat for the other side.

threading twine

Step 6:

After you pull both sides of twine through the orange, secure with a knot.

securing orange

Step 7:

Next take 5 pieces of dried lavender and hold in a bunch. Trim the ends to desired length, making sure the ends are even.


Photography by: Courtney Apple

Step 8:

Lay the bunch of lavender in the middle of the tied piece of twine, directly over the orange. Take both ends of twine and secure lavender to the napkin with a knot, then tie a small bow.


Photography by: Courtney Apple

Step 9:

Keep the lavender off-center from the orange to make it interesting and trim the ends of the twine to a desired length.


Repeat steps 1-9 for each place setting. 


Photography by: Courtney Apple

To keep with the sustainable and eco-friendly theme, we designed our tablescape using compostable bamboo plates and utensils, reused our Orange Blossom candle vessel as a vase for the rest of the dried lavender and repurposed household knicknacks for centerpieces (we are madly in love with our gold armadillo). And because it’s Easter, you must incorporate candy of some kind! We included piles of gold-foil-wrapped chocolate eggs displayed in soft blue egg cups.


Photography by: Courtney Apple

The best part about these napkin rings is that you can eat the oranges at the end of your meal!


From our Hand in Hand family to yours, we wish you a happy holiday!