5 Martha Stewart Crafts That We Think Justin Bieber Would Like


Photography by: Anna Williams

Papier-Mache Cars

In Bieber’s fleet: a Lamborghini, a Porsche, two Ferraris, a Mercedes, a Range Rover, a Fisker Karma, a Smart car (he does live in L.A.), a leopard Audi, and…a Batmobile?! The guy obviously likes playing with cars. Think about how many more you can have, Justin!

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Photography by: James Merrell

Bottle-Cap Magnets and Thumbtacks

The hardest part of this project for Justin would be deciding which of his millions of selfies to use. Selfie magnets and thumbtacks to hold up printouts of his selfies? Meta.


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Photography by: ANITA CALERO


Justin understands that sometimes tattoos should just be cute and silly. He certainly has enough of them. Maybe we can inspire more.



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Necklaces, bracelets, anklets…how many chains does it take to be a baller?


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Hair Waves

And…this one is just in case he wants to step up his hair game.


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