There’s a Sweet Love Story Behind These Painted Leaves

Fallen Leaves project

For one pair of painters, the season of autumn signifies more than just changing weather — it’s an opportunity for gorgeous artistry. The project name — “24 Fallen Leaves” — indicates the meaning behind the project. Simply put, the couple from Georgia makes breathtaking art out of fallen leaves.


You can visit the official Facebook page to see the work, which is mainly space-themed and includes the planets of our solar system painted on fallen leaves; plus the moon, ethereal silhouettes, and even snowflakes painted on a starry background.


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Fallen leaves art

Their art is not limited to leaves, however. The page also features remarkable necklaces, clocks, pouches, signs and other items made of different materials. According to the creators Kristi Botkoveli (Nancy Woland) and Beka Zaridze, they are entirely self-taught artists and the number “24” bears significance as  the date when they first met. So where did they gain inspiration for their work? The answer is beautifully straightforward: love. The two were walking together in a park one day, and Nancy spotted a leaf on the ground. In that moment, they understood their artistic connection.


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Fallen leaves art

It’s people like Nancy and Beka who remind us that even though the leaves may be dying, art remains alive and well.


Feeling inspired? Try this effortlessly elegant wall art idea using fallen leaves and watercolor paints.