Wall garden in the interior – the freshness of Nature in our homes

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Wall gardens are divided into two basic types – vertical gardens which decorate building facades or interior wall gardens which could be a freestanding unit or a vertical wall garden.

The first type is popular in the exterior of homes and public buildings as a part of the architecture. The vertical garden as a freestanding unit is often found in the interior and has both a decorative and practical value.

Wall garden in the interior is the accent of the room

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The green wall gardens as a decorative element look very beautiful, but also have a significance for the interior from a practical point of view. The plants have a filter function for the air and the water. In addition, the vertical garden helps to keep the temperature in the room. From a decorative point of view, the interior wall gardens can be considered as an artistic installations and a spectacular and impressive element of the decor.

Wall garden as an element of the garden and patio design

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A vertical wall garden is an excellent solution for small patios. It not only adds style but brings nature to urban dwellings and provides the opportunity to enjoy fresh greenery at a limited space. Furthermore, as an element of the patio design, the vertical garden can serve as a privacy protection as well as a wind shield. Vertical gardens are very popular for rooftop balconies, public areas in hotels, restaurants and even corporate offices.

The advantages of a wall garden

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One of the biggest advantages in having a wall garden is the fact that you could plant a huge number of plants which will require a lot of space in traditional horizontal gardening. The construction of a vertical garden usually is pretty light and it can be fixed to a wall without diminishing the living space in the home. We should not forget the easy care for the plants through a system of automatic irrigation. The great aesthetic value and pleasing look are another plus.

Outdoor vertical garden designs

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Garden wall indoor ideas

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