Softub – a convenient portable spa for your outdoor space

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Softub is a full-featured portable hydrotherapy tub which offers many benefits to its owners. The effects of “water healing” or hydrotherapy, as we call it now, on human body and soul have been known and valued since ancient times and everyone has heard of the significance of bathroom experience for Romans, Greeks and Japanese cultures.

Even nowadays the relaxing effect of hydrotherapy is the perfect way to relieve stress and visiting a spa center is the favorite way of finding peace and rest for many people all over the world. However, sparing a few days for going to a hot spring is quite difficult so many homeowners choose to install hot tubs in their homes. A jacuzzi in the garden is a valuable feature but requires an investment and maintenance throughout the year.

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When you look for a lightweight portable spa, Softub is the excellent solution. Being on the market since 1986, the portable spa has been a popular choice for many homeowners as it offers all the benefits of a spa without the headache. Staring in a small shop in Los Angeles, the company became a leader in the industry thanks to the innovative, cost-effective, durable, and comfortable spas. Let’s see what the advantages of Softub are and why this option is a good choice.


Why choose a Softub – the advantages of a portable spa?


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When you choose for a relaxing hot tub unit what do you need? Comfort, design, visual appeal, durability, warranty, efficiency, price and maintenance costs, weight – these are just a few of the criteria.

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On the first place, Softub products are designed with an advanced technology, they offer great flexibility and comfort, strength and durability and a relaxing experience at any time. An incorporated heating device allows to maintain the desired temperature and keep your portable spa hot. The lack of hard or slippery surfaces and the low profile allows easy and safe entry and exit.

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Softub portable spa is very durable. It is manufactured with a solid foam core and wrapped in marine grade vinyl and can easily support weight. Softub models come with a five year warranty period from the manufacturer. The lightweight is another major advantage as this is especially important if you plan to install a Softub on the roof balcony or the terrace. Again, the lightweight of the portable spa means you will not need professional help to install it as it is easily moved by one person.

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In terms of installation, a great advantage of Softubs is the fact that they can be installed anywhere – indoors or outdoors – in the garden, on the balcony even on a boat deck and there is no need of preliminary preparation. You can simply roll the spa through the doorway, fill it with water and plug it in. As simple as that. The installation does not require separate plumbing which saves you from extra installation costs. The ultra quiet operation is due to the innovative heating system where water is heated by circulating around the filter pump thus recovering its heat

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Energy efficiency is another of the important characteristics. It is very useful to know that Softub products are registered as energy-efficient appliances and operate on standard household electrical current.

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Last but not least – Softub portable spa are environmentally friendly as all waste materials from the manufacturing process are recyclable. The price of a Softub can fit in any budget and this is a cost effective way to enjoy the effects of hydrotherapy at home.


Softub customization – size, color, accessories and design options


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A Softub can be customized as per your individual preferences and choice of color combination. The sizes vary from 150 to 200 cm and the design options include new trendy colors so that you get the best match for your exterior or interior. Models are equipped with folding, lockable cover. A hot tub surround will make the experience even better and you can add a wicker surround or opt for a full wood cedar surround. How about some comfortable seating around the hot tub? For additional and better relax you can add a special tray where drinks and snacks can be served, pillows and cushions, lighting, handrails, etc.


suftub colors portable hot tub customization options

Softub colors garden ideas soft tub customization options

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softub portable hot tub outdoor hot tub ideas wood surround

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