Deer fence ideas – why do you need one and how to choose it?

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We shall look at deer fence ideas, why do you need one and how to choose it. Every homeowner who has planted a garden and takes care of the plants is aware that deer can ruin your carefully planted and maintained vegetable garden.

On the other hand, choosing a deer fence has to be with respect to deer safety, which means that it has to be safe for the animals and not cause injuries or death. There are different types and ways to make deer fencing and we shall discuss the most popular ones.


Deer fence ideas – how to choose the right deer fencing


deer fence ideas deer net fencing

Keeping deer out of the garden is possible by adding a barrier. The type of barrier will depend on the size of the area that you need to protect as well as the budget. We do not recommend using chemical barriers or electricity fences, as the idea for hurting deer is unacceptable. There are many other ways and deer fence ideas so here are some of them:

deer fence height deer fencing ideas deer jumping

On the first place – a tall deer fencing is something that works. Having said that, if you have had problems with deer, you are aware of the fact that they are strong animals and can easily jump up to eight feet which is good to know when defining the height of your protective fence.

deer net fence garden fence vegetable garden fence

A double fence is also an option which works. You can use the space between the fences to grow plants or fill it with pea gravel and use it as a path around your garden. Double fences are efficient due to the fact that deer will not attempt a jump if there is not a safe place to land. An option is to build a slanted fence instead of a double.

slanted deer fence deer fence posts deer fence height

Linear fence is very efficient as deer see that it is difficult to overcome it. You can use a thick wire or cable, even wooden plank between posts.


Deer fence ideas and materials


deer fence ideas wildlife fence deer net fencing

Deer net is one of the most popular options for making deer fencing. It is barely visible and is made of PVC. It is strong and will keep deer out of your garden, it will not hurt or injure the animals and is very easy to work with. Further to that it will not block sunlight and the surrounding view.

deer fence ideas deer net fencing garden fence

Metal deer fencing is more expensive, it looks good and has a long service life. It is less visible that net fencing or any other PVC deer fencing.

Deer fencing ideas garden fence deer fence height

Many people prefer natural deer barriers which means that they use plants, known to repel deer – perennials such as sage, lavender and yarrow or are chives, onions, mint and thyme. Boxwood shrubs are evergreen and quite dense so they make an excellent deer barrier. These can be planted around the deer fencing in containers and can be really effective.

deer fence deer net fencing garden fence

Deer fencing will wok even better if you combine a physical barrier with plants. Check out the images below and see different deer fence ideas.


post and rail fencing deer fence ideas garden fence ideas

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deer fence ideas deer fencing garden fence

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deer fence height deer fencing ideas

deer fence deer fencing ideas