Outdoor shower ideas – how to choose the best material?

outdoor shower ideas natural stone walls garden design ideas

If you have a nice garden with a private pool, maybe the outdoor shower is something that might add the finishing touch to the idyllic design.

More and more garden designs are pointed at organizing an extension of the living area and resemble a comfortable outdoor living room. Check out these outdoor shower ideas that impress not only with modern design, but also contribute to a free, open and informal atmosphere.

 Outdoor shower ideas – an equipment for the swimming pool area


modern swimming pool design mosaic tiles outdoor shower ideas

Stainless steel is one of the most suitable materials for use outdoors. A stainless steel showers is impressive not only visually, but also is very durable, with high corrosion and frost resistance. Outdoor shower ideas feature contemporary designs and only complement the garden area. An outdoor shower made of stainless steel can be recycled as well. It’s no wonder that the most popular garden showers these are made of stainless steel.

Outdoor shower ideas – an excellent experience for all the senses

Mosaic tiles contemporary outdoor bathroom glass walls

There are many outdoor shower ideas which will show you how a garden shower can be a stylish and useful addition to the pool. Instead of a traditional garden shower you can opt for solar outdoor showers and you can enjoy warm water all year round and at the same time save on energy costs. Additional accessories like a bench or chair, towel rack will only add to the fantastic outdoor bathing.

Stainless steel shower garden privacy wood wall outdoor shower ideas

Rustic materials have a special charm when used outdoors. If you want to keep from prying eyes, you need to think of the privacy protection – which may be a wall, folding screen or a shower partition wall. Lanterns or recessed lighting will provide the illumination and you will be able to use it in the evenings as well.

patio design ideas outdoor shower design tile flooring

Outdoor showers are practical and convenient

contemporary outdoor shower ideas wood paneling garden shower stainless steel

The stone wall serves as a garden decoration

Exotic outdoor bathroom natural stone outdoor shower ideas

 Modern compact outdoor shower design

outdoor shower ideas modern garden shower design compact space saving shower

 Stainless steel adds a modern touch to the garden

modern outdoor shower design stainless steel garden shower natural stone slab flooring

Modern minimalist outdoor shower

minimalist-outdoor shower ideas stainless steel concrete wall

rustic outdoor shower privacy wood screens floor tiles

outdoor shower privacy ideas wood walls wood floor tiles

outdoor shower ideas wood screens wood flooring

outdoor shower ideas wood door wood flooring house back door

outdoor shower ideas wood deck privacy walls garden design ideas

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Modern stainless steel shower outdoor shower ideas house wall

Luxury outdoor shower ideas mosaic tiles garden shower designs

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