Easy Ideas for Landscape Design

-Landscape design is easy even though it may sound like it takes a lot of study to be able to do it right. But first and most important rule when it comes to designing your yard is to do what you like. It is your yard after all. One trick used by professional landscape designers is to incorporate edging between your lawn and your planting beds. Edging does two things. It keeps your lawn from invading your plantings, meaning you’ll spend a lot less time weeding. And edging also creates a crisp, clean, visual barrier that really gives your landscape a finish look. Another sure fire landscape design strategy is to utilize hardscape or the non-plant elements in your yard. A curving brick path for example, offers and elegant line that draws your eyes through your property, if your styles more natural, consider a flagstone pathway or incorporate a patio space to break up the plantings and give your eye a place to rest. When it comes to planting your yard, a no-fail landscape design idea is to incorporate plants that have colorful foliage. A splash of burgundy purple or bright gold among all of the other green leaves for example adds a refreshing twist. The best thing about it, you get that bunch of color all season long. You don’t have to worry about when plant starts or finish blooming. Similarly, texture is a key element to landscape design. Take note of different leaf shapes and sizes and how well they play together. For example, black lace elderberry with its delicate foliage and upright [unk] is a fun counter point to evergreen boxwood. Ornamental grasses are also ideal for creating a [unk] of texture. When shopping at the garden center, it’s easy to think in terms of annuals, perennials and shrubs. But you can put your landscape design skills to use by mixing these plants. Annuals offer nonstop summer color and a perfect [unk]. Perennial flowers come back every year and put on a bigger show but with a more on the bloom season. And shrubs will give your plantings with your interest.