Modern landscape design – 20 ideas for a stylish garden

beautiful garden design concrete tiles and grass grid design potted plants


Modern landscape design just like modern architecture features geometric lines which can be used in most creative ways.

  The straight lines are often refreshed with sculptural elements or water elements and thus offer eye catching outdoor spaces.

Modern landscape design offers an innovative approach to the outdoor space

 modern patio design idea asian style design wooden deck bamboo trees

If you cannot decide which way to go when considering your garden design the best solution is to turn to a specialist. Sometimes DIY projects may turn out more expensive than hiring a professional landscape designer who will offer you ideas and will get the best of the natural surroundings of your home. Both ways there are certain basic questions that arise when planning an open space. First of them is what you want – a modern landscape design or a traditional one? Next comes the dividing of the yard to create separate zones, the choice of elements – paths, water elements, plants or outdoor furniture. The possibilities are numerous and each owner need to think about the style and the budget too.

Modern landscape design ideas for a fascinating garden space

patio design concrete garden path original design

Quite often modern landscape design features outdoor grids. Grids can be arranged in many ways – concrete tiles and grass, stone slabs and gravel, even with different sizes of materials. You may be surprised to find out that arranging an open space with a grid design makes it visually bigger. The grid can be complemented by borders of planted flowers or flower containers which accentuate the strict geometry lines. Stone tiles add character to a modern grid design and relate to tradition in a contemporary way. Garden rocks look stunningly beautiful if used correctly and can become either delicate accents or a central point. The right choice of plants will add the dramatic effect and will make the whole composition stylish and dynamic. Of course, the style of the outdoor furniture should be in compliance with the character of the landscape design and become a part of it.

contemporary garden grid design water concrete path gravel

Sloped terrain can be terraced with flower beds

terraced landscaping slope garden design flower beds

 Grid design enlarges the space visually

grid landscaping grass squares sculpured plants small garden design

 Hedge garden walls

modern landscape design small patio curved wall hedge plants

 The grass strips refresh the concrete flooring

patio design idea tiles flooring grass accents outdoor furniture

 A gravel lawn bordered by water and flowers

modern landscape design gravel and water and flowers border

 A waterfall and a tree are the focal points of the design

original landscape design pathway waterfall wooden deck tree

 Assortment of flower pots in dynamic composition

modern landscape design ideas garden pots arrangement

  Patio with dining area and wooden deck


 Garden rocks alongside the path

 modern landcape design concrete path garden rocks gravel

garden design ideas gravel path grass edging relax space chairs

creative landscape ideas garden stairs plant borders

modern landscape design steel planters industrial style

modern garden design ideas modern outdoor furniture metal chairs flower pots

small patio design modern outdoor seating area wooden deck

modern outdoor furniture rectangular garden containers patio design idea

rooftop garden design outdoor dining area flower pots divider