How to Prep and Arrange Hyacinths


Photography by: Mike Krautter

Stem Surgery. Before you do any arranging, cut off the white base. Like tulips, hyacinths will continue to grow in water. If they become too top heavy, their stems will split. Trimming the base impedes the movement of water through the stems, which will keep them right where you want them.


Photography by: Mike Krautter

Prepping the stems.

One of a Kind. Hyacinths don’t play well with others. They’re low and compact, which makes them tough to pair. Luckily, they’re striking enough to stand on their own — always in monochrome, please.


Photography by: Mike Krautter

One shade is better than two.

Keep It Contained. Hyacinths are like wallpaper — a fun, colorful statement that’s best in small doses. Put them somewhere you’ll pass through quickly, like an entry hall or powder room. Because they’re also very fragrant, I wouldn’t recommend using them anywhere you’ll be eating or sleeping.

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