Garden design – Shirley Watts’ creative gardening tips

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Create a unique and special garden design out of your plain backyard. You don’t need to use a lot of materials and spend a lot of time arranging the plants.

What you need is some original ideas that will add to your garden a little more character, bring it to life and make it magical and enchanting. These are Shirley Watts’ tips for the day. To give your garden a more artistic and thematic look associate it with something local. It could be anything – the neighborhood, the name of the street or anything you would like to be linked to. You can do that by adding some features to it that correspond to your association.

Innovative garden design ideas

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Make a statement with your garden design. It could be anything – a bench or a coffee table. However choose what you are making a statement with wisely. It has to be original; it could even have a twisted shape – something more Tim- Burton style. This would really give your garden a more enchanting and fairytale look. Shirley Watts uses different materials in odd ways. She uses hand-made metal screens and letters to make the garden a little more unique and interesting. You have to agree that metal letters on the paving is a bit unusual, but in this case it really compliments the overall design.

Creative landscape solutions for your backyard or frontyard

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Having an artistic approach and imagination when creating your garden design is vital. You cannot create a lovely, futuristic or enchanting landscape without imagination and without adding something personal – something from yourself. You have to find that inner spark that allows you to feel free to express yourself and arrange your garden in your own way.If you don’t feel motivated enough yet, check out more of Shirley Watts creative gardening solutions and you will find that creative spark of yours. 

Landscape designs that include careful layout and plant architecture

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Amazing gardening solution 

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Innovative choice of materials to create this lovely rustic style

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The choice of plants is very important

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Super creative planting and landscape design ideas

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Interesting glass plant container design ideas

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Make your backyard look more natural 

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You can include modern chairs and other outdoor furniture in your Shirley Watts interpretation

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