20 roof garden ideas in urban areas that invite Nature in the city

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Roof gardens, despite the popularity of the idea, are still considered as something exotic. But if in your house or building there is a terrace or a flat roof, it can be transformed into a pleasant place to relax.

Roof garden ideas – a special place for spending time outdoors

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Nowadays roof gardens and rooftop decks are trendy and many of the designs are created in compliance with the green trend in architecture, exteriors and interiors. If we look at the roof as the fifth facade of a building, it has a great advantage compared to the other four facades – it provides the opportunity to create a garden. We have collected 20 magnificent and inspiring roof garden ideas to demonstrate how the space is used in most creative ways.

Roof garden ideas – design and plan

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The main purpose of the roof garden is not only to provide a pleasant space outdoors. It should be designed in such a way so that it pleases its owner for many years. Due to the particularity, the first thing needed is a reliable waterproofing. If necessary, an additional layer of waterproofing should be made with a root protection film over it, as well as a layer for drainage.

Roof garden ideas lawn flowers garden paths swimming pool

When planting a roof garden watering of the plants must be foreseen. To water a lawn on the roof conventional injectors might be useful and the water drip method is preferable for plants in containers. Roof garden ideas will help you decide what elements you would like to include in your rooftop.

Roof garden ideas – how to create a stunning place for relax

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The roof garden has to provide a convenient and comfortable living space. Again, due to the specific place, it is recommended to use lightweight materials and structures. Pergolas and awnings are a necessity as they will cast a shadow in summertime.

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A beautiful flooring and a decorative shallow pond or a fountain will complete the picture. A barbeque and outdoor furniture will convert the roof into the nearest of a patio. Wind protection should not be overlooked either so reliable wind shields should be included in the design.

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Inspiring modern roof garden design small trees lawn

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Modern roof garden plant containers trees outdoor lights

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contemporary rooftop garden design wood flooring plant containers

contemporary rooftop garden design trees plant containers patio furniture

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