DIY Turkey Wings: Video

Your little ones can channel their inner turkey and become the most amazing gobblers on the planet with this easy craft. Once finished, kids can sport their very own turkey feathers while they engage in some imaginary play.


  • a poster board (we used red)
  • construction paper (we used brown, orange and yellow)
  • pencil or pen
  • a hot glue gun and hot glue sticks
  • scissors


    1. turkey feathers longCut the poster board into a large semicircle.

    2. Draw feather shapes on construction paper. The feathers should be rounded at the top–not pointed–and should be almost the full height of the construction paper, and about 3/4 of the width.

    3. Draw feathers on different colored paper for a fun look. We used brown, yellow and orange paper. Then cut out the feathers.

    4. Using hot glue, glue the bottom of each feather around the rounded part of the semicircle. Start in the center and create a pattern moving outward.

    5. Continue gluing feathers all around the curved edge of the semicircle until the entire curve is covered in feathers.

    6. Flip the entire semicircle (now edged in feathers) over. Then cut out two long strips of poster paper (we used the excess poster paper that remained after cutting out our semicircle) and glue the two strips into loops on the back of the feathers to create straps for the arms. (Tip: You may want to hold up the semicircle to measure the width of your child’s shoulders. Then, mark with a pencil before you begin gluing on the looped straps.)

    Once your straps are glued on, you are all set. Great job little gobblers! You are ready for a fantastic day of turkey fun!