Andy Warhol Portraits

Warhol final

Sometimes I like to bring to you more involved crafts, like when I turned my children’s photos into interchangeable blocks. I also loved turning my kids into their own magnet dolls. Apparently I like to manipulate my children’s images. This craft was inspired by an Andy Warhol exhibit where a teacher at my daughter’s school took his students. Enjoy!


  • camera
  • computer (for editing to black and white) and printer
  • markers
  • glue
  • scissors
  • tag board (optional)


  1. warhol5
    Take a picture of your child. Hey—take a picture of your dog or yourself. You can do this craft with or for anyone! Make sure you have a plain background and a clear picture.

  2. Crop the picture into a square and turn it black and white. I use Picasa, but you can use an online editing program like Ribbet if you don’t have a program on your own computer. Print this out four warhol6times.

  3. Color the images. While our own version doesn’t completely mirror the works of Andy Warhol (we didn’t color the faces), art is subjective. You can use this opportunity to introduce the idea of contrasting colors.

  4. warhol4Cut out the squares and glue them together. I used a piece of tag board and cut it to size. Then the girls were able to glue their pictures in place.

There you have it: your own, personalized Andy Warhol masterpiece. The warhol 3kids loved it. The teacher loved it—so much that he now wants me to come in and do a lesson. Will you do this craft with your kids?