A Mighty Kids’ Craft: DIY Superhero Shields



•  felt

•  scissors

•  12- to 14-inch cardboard cake rounds in gold (available at baking suppy stores or online)

•  glitter glue or gel glue

•  glitter

•  duct tape


Print out a large letter “S” for “super” (or first letter of his or her name or superhero alias) from your computer to use as a stencil. If you have impeccable handwriting, you can draw your own. Pin the paper letter to the felt. Cut out the letter shape from the felt. If you like, you can cut a second, slighty larger letter from another color of felt to create a shadowed look.


Place the felt letter on the center of the shield and trace around it with glue. Remover the letter.


Use the glue to make lines or patterns around the edge of the shield. Do this quickly!


Before the glue dries, sprinkle the glitter generously all over the glue. Let the glue dry so the glitter sticks to the glue. Shake off the extra glitter (you can reuse this extra glitter for another project). Glue the felt shape onto the middle of the shield.


Make a handle on the back of the shield with duct tape. Now your shield is ready for battle! Onward, soldiers!



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