6 Martha-Worthy Instagram Accounts That You Should Follow Now

To kick off our #septemberissue, we shared some photos of our fave @instagram influencers that are #LivingConfidently, #LivingBeautifully, #LivingAuthentically, and more! Here they are in one hand list ICYMI!


1. Molly Tavoletti


Just a quick look at Tavoletti’s Instagram will make you uber jealous (and hungry). When she is not breaking news on CNN, which is her full time job, you can probably find her running around New York City in search of the next best eatery. Her latest project @acrossthetable, an interview-based web series, is an ode to the city’s food scene and people.


2. Rebecca Thuss + Patrick Farrell


This husband/wife duo creates some of most beautiful and awe-inspiring paper flowers and feathers we’ve ever seen. Their secret? Aside from talent (obviously), they strive to live an authentic life. “In choosing authenticity there is always true beauty, and what flows from that is limitless,” says Thuss. We couldn’t agree more.


3. Packed Party


We can guarantee you, Jordan Jones’s Texas-based gifting company will quickly become a source for inspiration for all things entertaining. What started off her bedroom floor is now a global company thanks to her insistance on staying true to herself. 


4. James Goldcrown


For London-native artist James Goldcrown, color is everything. And you can see this in each one of his beautiful works of art. His latest obsession is “Lovewalls.”  Goldcrown paints colorful hearts on walls in cities across the globe in an attempt to “help people express themselves through good and bad times.” And it looks like the message is resonating with the public because Goldcrown’s Bleeding Hearts motives can now be found on everything form Levi’s jackets to cool trucker hats.


5. The Object Enthusiast


There is a reason why we featured Emily Reinhardt’s pottery pieces in our September issue — she is one of the most talented ceramic artists and designers in the country right now and we are thoroughly impressed with her unique artistic vision. Her home décor aesthetic is simple and relies a lot on the energy between her own creations and nature. “My plants live with me and breathe with me and they keep me on my home routine. As objects, and a living thing in my home, they bring me a lot of happiness and create a safe space for thinking and living,” says Reinhardt.


6. Ispydiy


Simply put, there is nothing (and we mean nothing) Jenni Radosevich cannot DIY. From a cute heart-shaped sunglasses case to rustic double barn doors, Radosevich takes on the most unexpected projects and always ends up delivering beautiful and unique results. She takes inspiration from exploring new places and making beautiful discoveries, which she documents promptly on her Instagram account.


Happy following!