11 Best Composting Tips To Create A Perfect Compost

11 best composting tips cover

Composting is certainly by far the main way to naturally enrich your soil and every gardener must do it. So here are 11 best composting tips that will make composting easier.

  1. Just add water. If your compost is not broken, add water until the consistency is similar to that of a moist wrung-out sponge.
  2. Shred and chop. The shredded or chopped materials decompose faster than larger pieces.
  3. The cold compost pile is not that bad because it decomposes slowly and often retains more nutrients than hot pile.
  4. Compost unique things. Among the materials that you can try to compost are the crustaceans shells, wine bottle corks, matches, used chewing gum, nut shells, shredded paper and cotton balls of medicine bottles.
  5. Pour the liquid. Instead of throwing them in the sink, pour cooking water of vegetables, flower bouquets water, and leftover coffee, tea or broth.
  6. Turn your pile in garden. Grow squashes beyond your garden’s edge in compost heaps. Plant seeds of squashes, pumpkins or flowers like nasturtiums.
  7. Protect against flooding. To prevent your compost pile from getting too wet in the rain, place a layer of hay, dried grass or a piece of old carpet or something else that will cover the top of the heap.
  8. Turn the compost regularly. Turn the compost regularly to provide the oxygen that is necessary for organisms that induce decomposition.
  9. Make layers. Make layers on the compost heap and take care when you mix materials to ensure fast decomposition.
  10. Sniff your pile. A nasty smell from the compost might be a sign that the compost does not get enough air or too much water or cool and wet materials. To solve this problem, add more dry material that is rich in carbon, such as shredded leaves, twigs, sawdust or hay.
  11. Improve airflow. To improve the flow of air to a heap of compost, insert a perforated PVC pipe in the center of the cluster.

Best Composting Tips To Create A Perfect CompostBest Composting Tips To Create A Perfect CompostBest Composting Tips To Create A Perfect CompostBest Composting Tips To Create A Perfect Compost