10 Easy-To-Make Autumn Centerpiece Ideas


There’s no excuse for bare table this fall with these ten different centerpiece ideas to choose from!

Centerpieces indicate that you are placing something at the “center” of attention. And, when we put a floral arrangement or candles in the center of our dining tables we are doing just that. We are bringing attention to and actually dressing up what would be a very boring flat surface without them.

I do like to think that centerpieces can be found in other locations than just the center of the dining table. How about the center (or not) of a coffee table? You might place an arrangement on a bedroom dresser or an entry table. What about on the mantle of a fireplace? So, there are plenty of places for centerpieces, we just need some ideas for them right? OK, here goes!

1. Since fall covers from September through November, let’s take a look at a variety of ideas to cover the span of months. This first arrangement is the arrangement I made for our “Floral Arranging 101” article in the Crafts section. If you like how it is put together, check over there for detailed instructions. What is nice about an arrangement that is tall and full like this one, is that it makes a statement wherever it is placed. Its colors immediately say “autumn is here” and because it is made out of silk flowers, it can last for years. This arrangement is formal and most appropriate for dining table during down times when the table is sitting alone. For dining, it is too obtrusive and would be in the line of vision for many of the guests.


2. This candle surround is a bit more informal but still exudes a warm, autumn feeling. Alone, this is beautiful on an entry table or hall table. However, a line of three or more of these in the center of a dining table would be delightful and be able to remain on the table during meals.


The candle surround is easily fabricated by pulling together a pillar candle, a piece of round foam, about 1 ½” larger all the way around than the candle, silk flowers and berries and a wire cutter.


Simply trim the floral stems down to about 2” using the wire cutters.


Then, insert the stems into the foam. Arrange and space the largest flowers first, then fill in the gaps with extra leaves and berries. I did this while the candle was in place so I could determine the best placement for each flower.


3. This lovely centerpiece works well just about anywhere. It is a wrought iron candle tree that holds tea lights. I do think it was designed to be used alone, but I couldn’t help adding the fall foliage on the table below. I think it adds to the interest of the arrangement and makes it a true “center” piece. Other wrought iron candle holders are available and can just as easily be used in a similar way. Whether they use tea lights, or pillar candles, choose a candle color that works with your décor and at the same time expresses the season. Then, below mingle in acorns, pinecones, small gourds or leaves as I did.


4. Here’s a simple idea for a centerpiece that might be best on a hall table or dresser because it is both tall and small! The tall bow tied grasses add height and interest and can be put together easily by gathering your selection of grasses or dried sticks around a toilet tissue or paper towel tube. While you hold the materials, someone else can tie the bow! The small succulents were already scattered in this home and I thought the two different textures and sizes blended well.


5. If we want to think along the lines of holidays, here’s a centerpiece that is sure to catch everyone’s eye! When October arrives, all my kids think about is how soon until Halloween! The little one want to Trick or Treat and my older one just loves to decorate….go figure! So, I made this bat centerpiece that is nice in a grouping, or kind of fun used alone with just the right lighting so the bats’ shadows are all over the wall. Eerie! Instructions for this centerpiece are located in the Holiday section under “Flying Bats”!


6. Now this candle centerpiece fits in right along with the bat centerpiece. Bring it out at night when the candle’s glow makes everything just a little bit spooky! You will find these instructions here in the Holiday section as well, called “Boo Candles”. What a fun entry piece, greeting friends and family as they enter. This would be nice on a buffet cabinet in a dining room as well.


7. You know, I’ve also been quite cognizant of the economy, aren’t we all, and I’ve worked on an idea that is inexpensive, uses things we have, but still changes with the holidays. I’ve used my regular floral arrangement that I have on my dining table and tossed in a couple of black foam bats on wires and placed one of my little witch figures as an accompaniment.


For Thanksgiving, out go the bats and witch and in comes a pretty colored bow and a pumpkin.


8. Another traditional Thanksgiving centerpiece includes nature’s bounty, and this basket of fruits and leaves is a lovely reminder of the fruits of the season. A centerpiece like this can be very versatile, taking you from September through November.


9. Perhaps the modern interpretation of the fruits and nuts would be tall glass vases filled with apples, pears, pinecones, acorns, walnuts or what-have-you. Add some vines of berries or scattered leaves at the base and you have a unique centerpiece for the middle of your table


10. And last, nothing is more traditional for Thanksgiving than the cornucopia. This one is made of silk and plastic fruits and greens, but what a lovely display it would make to have a fresh produce cornucopia! Remember to protect your table with a grass mat or tablecloth and let the fruits and nuts fly!!

Well I don’t know about you but I’m stuffed – stuffed with centerpiece ideas for a lovely fall season. I hope you find something here that suits your home and your fancy. Be creative, have fun while doing, and enjoy afterwards.