The Ultimate Guide To Design A Perfect Garden Path: 168 Ideas

ultimate guide to the perfect garden path

Every garden need at least one garden path. If you’re planing of making a new, or moving an old garden path then our ultimate guide is here to help. We’ve gathered the most inspiring ideas to help you make the best of yours garden paths.

Even though garden paths are usually used in organizational purposes, for getting from one point to another, we will show that they can also become a game changer in aesthetic value of your garden design. You can use a lot of different materials when building your own pathway system so it isn’t that hard to make it look original and stylish. Even though garden paths are usually born out of necessity, their potential to become garden features in their own right is overlooked. We intend to show how wrong that is.

Garden Path Planning

So first things you need to think about when you plan a garden path are materials you’re going to use, its layout and what edging would look good with it. Besides, you should also consider what fixtures you’ll use for lining and lighting your walkways.

The layout depends only on your needs because only you know which parts of your gardens should be accessible. Although there are some tips you should consider when you’re planning the layout:

  • A path which gradually becomes narrower will give the illusion that the garden is longer than it really is. If its end point is hidden this rule works even better.
  • Most of garden paths should be wide enough for two people to stroll along together, or at least as wide as a wheelbarrow or other needed garden equipment to fit through
  • A path that curves and disappears around a corner draws attention to what lies beyond.
  • Posts with ropes and climbers, a pergola or arch over the path are those things that can easily create a three dimensional effect for your garden so you should think where to put them.

Materials for Garden Paths

Stones allow achieving that special natural look as if it was created by nature itself. There are a lot of varieties of stones that can be used for a garden path so here are some ideas.

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Wood is the most natural of materials and has been used for garden paths for centuries in different countries. Here are some ideas showing HOW it can be used.

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Pebbles are not not only durable but also perfect fro creating beautiful patterned paths. Here are some examples showing how beautiful such paths could be.

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Of course some other materials could also be used to build a great garden paths. Here are some ideas showing that.

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DIY Garden Paths

Cool DIY garden path using bright stepping stones could become a focal point of your garden. Here are some ideas showing how you can make such stones.

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Garden Path’s edging

Garden path’s edging isn’t only a necesseti. Installing new edging is one of the easiest, fastest ways to improve the overall appearance of your garden.

7 Low-Maintenance Edging Options For Your Garden Paths

Garden Path’s Lighting

Getting around the garden, and even to the front door, can be challenging when days get shorter and darkness sets in before dinner. That’s why walkway’s illumination is very important. Here we’re showing our ideas of how well it could be designed.

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