Pinecone Floral Arrangements

Mums Centerpiece with Candle

Create a lovely winter centerpiece with branches of white pine (Pinus strobus) and white chrysanthemums set into a wide, shallow container. Add a candle and a few sprigs of gray-green dusty miller for a wintery finishing touch.

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Antique Tin with Orange Flowers

Tuck an antique tin full of dark pinecones, magnolia leaves, variegated pittosporum, oranges, gold alstroemeria, white roses, and orange and white ranunculus. Wire the pinecones and oranges to wooden kabob spears to give them height and insert all stems into wet florists foam set inside the tin.

Amaryllis on Cigar Boxes

Stack three or more cigar boxes for height and interest, and set a small vase in the top box. Fill the empty spaces in the box with small pinecones, and fill the vase with deep red amaryllis, black scabious (Scabiosa), and purple and yellow tulips.

Vintage Arrangement

Tan and brown pinecones of various sizes give texture and set off the white calla lilies, tulips, and rice flowers, and the muted greens of eucalyptus. An antique Roseville vase sets the tone for this arrangement. Simply insert wet florists foam into the vase to hold the stems in place. Wind wire between the scales at the widest part of the pinecones and attach to wood kabob spears. Intersperse the pinecones among the flowers and foliage.

Orchids in a Book Vase

A handmade vase — created by gluing vintage book spines to a large, empty soup can — holds orchids, protea, and rhododendron leaves. Attach long pinecones with wire to a wooden kebob spear and place toward the outer edge of the design.

Pinecone Vase

Glue various size pinecones to a jar or can, placing them together snugly, to creating a textured container for this arrangement of ivy, pittosporum, Andromeda (Pieris) foliage, poppy anemone, and sea holly (Eryngium). Tuck in a few feathers for a little rakish appeal.