Engraved Garden Stone from Adirondack Stone Works: Product Review

Engraved Garden Stone from Adirondack Stone Works

Engraved stones can fit into any garden

Do you love the idea of having an engraved stone in your garden but just haven’t been able to find one that says something you like? Adirondack Stone Works has solved that problem by creating custom-carved stones at affordable prices.

Owners Jeremy and Tavia run the business out of their homestead in rural upstate New York. All stones are hand-carved by Jeremy while Tavia takes care of customer service.

New York Bluestone

The engraved garden stones are made out of 1 ½ – 2” thick bluestone quarried in southern New York. Each piece is chiseled by hand to create a natural-looking shape and then engraved with whatever letters/words and images you want. When we ordered our stone, we specified that we wanted it to be shaped with more rectangular (rather than rounded) corners and we were happy to find that our stone was indeed shaped that way.

The stones don’t stand upright by themselves but are easy to prop up against another stone or can be laid flat.

Custom Lettering

Engraving on Adirondack Stone Works garden stone

Beautiful, crisp engraving

The amount of lettering that can be engraved on each stone depends on the size of stone you order, although Jeremy will do his best to fit almost anything on the stone. Stones are available in small (8-10” across), medium (11-12”), and large (13-14”) sizes, and as a garden stone that’s intended to lie flat on the ground (12-13” across).

You can choose from 5 different fonts for the lettering, and 77 images (for example, paw prints, flowers, Celtic designs, crosses, hearts, animals).

Long-Lasting Engraving

The engraved areas are painted with a special, black stone paint that’s supposed to last up to 30 years. We can’t testify to that but we did try to simulate several years of weathering by scrubbing the lettering with a kitchen scouring pad. After 10 minutes of hard work, the lettering didn’t look any worse for wear.

Quick Shipping

Free shipping from Adirondack Stone Works

The garden stone is carefully packaged and shipped within a week of ordering

Shipping is free (!) to any location in the US and your stone will generally be delivered within about a week. They’re very well packed but be careful picking up the package when it arrives – it’s heavy!


5-shovelsWe give the engraved garden stones from Adirondack Stone Works our 5-shovel rating for high quality, excellent customer service and pricing, and making it so easy to order a custom-engraved item.

Where to Buy It

The engraved stones can be ordered by phone (315-845-6715) or through the very easy-to-use website (engravedstone.net). Prices range form $38 to $79, including shipping.

Disclaimer: We received a free engraved stone to test and review for the Gardening Products Review. There was no expectation that it would be a positive review, and we received no compensation for writing the review.