DIY Beer Bottles Crafts That Will Boost Your Creativity

Hey there my beer lovers! What it will happen if you would keep each bottle of beer that you have emptied? Well, just to let you know that many things might turn out of your empty beer bottles. If you are curious to discover what are the things that you can do with your beer bottles, you are on the right spot as I am now about to present you a special collection of DIY Beer Bottles Crafts That Will Boost Your Creativity. Enjoy!

Sprayed Beer Bottle Vases

The empty Corona beer bottles look seem to have asophisticated look once they are sprayed and re-purposed as vases. Since there is no end to the different options and colors that you can use to spray these bottles with, you can get really masterpieces along the way. And those would be your own creation! Isn’t that cool!?


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Art Decor Beer Bottle Ideas


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DIY Wall Clock Bottle Reuse Ideas

Maybe you were thinking of a creative idea for your mancave. Well, here is something for you that I think it will completelly match your mancave interior. Let’s try to do a beer bottle wall clock. You just have to empty twelve beers. So, gather your frineds to help you do it and make some of the beauties below.


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Fall Home Decoration


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Pastel Colored Beer Bottles Vases


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Beer Bottle Centerpirces Decorated With Ropes

DIY stuff can simply turn into a gorgeous decor element that will catch everybody’s eye. That is the case with the extraordinary centepieces below. The best thing is that using this idea, you may create your own wedding centerpiece. Below you can see how this will look.


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Rustic Bottle Decoration


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Yarn Wrapped Beer Bottle Ideas


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Creative Beer Bottle Decoration


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Christmas Reindeer Art With Beer Bottles

As I stated above, there is no limit to the creativity that you might invest along the re-use process. Just try to be spontaneous and fun and you will get many great ideas. For example, in the following picture you can see the cutest beer raindeer crafts ever! They simply have their horns, eyes and nose and yet they look super adorable. So, what would your creation look like? Try to think of some brilliant idea and share it with me.


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DIY Beer Bottle Cut Glass Candles


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Rustic Beer Bottles Chandelier


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Cut Beer Bottle Glass Vases


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In brief, how did you find my beer bottle ideas for your home? Aren’t they lovely? We made this collection to give you great ideas how to redecorate your dream home with something cool and creative. Therefore, feel free to share your comments with us. Thank you for reading and don’t forget to stay up to date with the content of Feel It Cool to find many other great home decor ideas. Until our next post – ‘Follow your heart and stay cool’