Cardboard Parking Garage: Video

If you are anything like us, you probably have at least a few small toy cars rolling around your house! My kids love playing with cars, and this cardboard parking garage project is one of their favorites.


  • 4 paper rolls, the same length and diameter
  • paint and paintbrushes (optional and for painting paper rolls)
  • hot glue gun and glue sticks or strong glue (or rubber cement)
  • 2 large, wide cardboard rectangles cut from a cardboard box (about 13 x 16 inches)
  • 1 long, thin cardboard rectangle cut from a box (about 4 x 12 inches)
  • markers


    1. garage longCover a work surface area, then paint your paper rolls any color you wish and allow them to dry.

    2. Using a marker, create parking spaces by drawing little lines on the two large cardboard rectangles. You can use a toy car as a template for line spacing.

    3. Lay one of the large rectangles, with the parking lines already drawn, face up on your work surface, then glue the four paper rolls to it, one in each corner.

    4. Lay the second large rectangle on top with the parking lines facing up. Once you position it in a place that looks right, glue the second rectangle to the top of the cardboard rolls.

    5. On your thin, long rectangle, draw dotted lines down the center to make two traffic lanes. Glue this rectangle to the top rectangle platform to form a ramp.

    That’s it! Now you’re ready to zoom around, roll down the ramp and park some cars in your new garage!