A Simple Water Garden

Step 1.

What You Need: container, water plants and liquid fertilizer

1. Choose your container.

It needs only to be able to hold water, though a broad, shallow container works especially well. You can buy something especially for this water garden, but it’s fun to get resourceful and rummage around the kitchen for a shallow bowl, copper pot, or glass dish.

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Step 2.

2. Choose your plants.
These days, most garden centers are carrying a wide variety of water garden plants. The best for a small garden such as these are the “floater” plants, that is, the plants that simply float on top of the water surface. They include water lettuce, azolla, duckweed, water hyacinth, and frog bit.

Step 3.

3. Care of your water garden is simple.
Check water levels daily. Change the water whenever it becomes murky or starts to give off any odor, which usually means about once or twice a week. Fertilize very lightly with a liquid fertilizer each time you change the water.