30 Musical DIY Wind Chime Ideas With Tutorials

The gentle, natural sound of wind chimes can be relaxing. Why not make one for your home or garden? Follow these 30 special DIY Wind Chimes Ideas with tutorials for inspiration!

1. Bottle Cap Wind Chime

Recycle bottle caps to create colorful wind chime for your garden. Check out the step by step tutorial here.

2. DIY Key Wind Chime

Create wind chime with the old keys and hang it on the entrance. The tutorial is here.

3. Wind Chime from Cans

Instead of throwing away empty cans, you can use them to DIY a wind chime. Here is the tutorial.

4. Canning Lid Wind Chime

This DIY canning lid wind chime is cheap, easy to make and provide an aesthetic appeal. Find out the tutorial here.

5. DIY Mason Jar Wind Chime

Make this charming wind chime from a mason jar and decorate it with ornaments. The project is available here.

6. Sun Catcher Wind Chime

This suncatcher wind chime is inexpensive, looks cool, and perfect for south or west facing balcony gardeners. We found the project here.

7. DIY Wind Chime

Create a stunning wind chime for your garden using clay, driftwood, beads, drill and fishing line!

8. Shabby Chic Chandelier/Wind Chime

This incredible double purpose DIY item can be used either as a wind chime or chandelier. Check out the tutorial here.

9. Terracotta Flower Pot Wind Chime

Create an attractive and colorful terracotta flower pot wind chime for your urban home. See the tutorial here!

10. DIY Glass Mosaic Wind Chime

Add interest and enhance the decoration of your garden with this glass mosaic wind chime. To complete this project, follow the directions here.

11. Melted Pony Beads Wind Chime

Make this showy wind chime from melted beads; it’s a bit tricky to create but worth the effort. Get the DIY here.

12. DIY Wind Chimes

Take help of this DIY tutorial to complete this unique wind chime project, which requires throwable materials from recycle bin.

13. DIY Ombre Wind Chime

Replicate this idea using a few clay pots and other basic supplies. Find out the tutorial video here!

14. Tea Mug Wind Chime

How about upcycling an old teacup by creating this teacup wind chime? The step by step project is here to follow!

15. Coffee Can CD Wind Chime

Make this versatile and gorgeous wind chime using a coffee can and useless CDs. Click here to view the tutorial!

16. Balsa Wood Wind Chime

Numerous Balsa woods are used to make this wind chime. Colors are added to give it an exceptional look! Visit Meri Cherry to explore more about the idea.

17. Candy Heart Wind Chime

An ideal valentine’s day decoration idea, which can improve the aesthetics on occasion. The tutorial is available here.

18. Plastic Eggs Wind Chime

Employ some of your plastic Easter eggs in making this effortless wind chime! A great DIY project to involve kids as well. Here is the tutorial!

19. Clay Wind Charm

Air-dry clay, cotton cord, plastic glasses, roller, and a knife is all you need to make your own clay wind chime. Click here for the step-by-step tutorial.

20. Summer Time Chime

Use bamboo stakes to create this charming DIY wind chime project. Check out the tutorial here.

21. Seashore Wind Chime

If you are a seashell collector or you love them, you will find this idea alluring! Add soft musical energy to your garden or home with this project available here.

22. Low-Cost Hardware Hanging Charm

This DIY is available at the Instructables, except the bells and the swivels, everything for this wind chime came from the hardware store.

23. Tin Can Wind Chime

Upcycle tin cans into a wind chime, it’s a bit similar to one of the projects above. Get the instructions at Momtastic.

24. Recycled Wind Chime

Drill holes into juice can tops, knot strings to the holes and tie the other end of the strings to the hanger in ascending order, and it is done. Find the project here.

25. DIY Polka Dot Wind Chime

Get the required supplies to recreate this fun polka dot wind chime project. Read this post to understand the procedure.

26. Wine Bottle Wind Chime

If you aren’t a teetotaler and have access to empty wine bottles, this is a great idea to recycle them. Visit WikiHow to view the steps.

27. Suncatcher Wind Chime

Design this suncatcher DIY wind chime with the help of your kids. For the instructions, visit Hands on as We Grow.

28. Modern Wind Chime

Replicate this modern geometrical wind chime for any part of your home or garden to add a contemporary touch. Visit eHow for the instructions.

29. Colorful Pencil Wind Chime

Buy colorful pencils and attach them to a vintage ruler using string or twine. We found the idea here.

30. Earrings Wind Chime

Earrings that you don’t use anymore can be reused again as a wind chime. Understand the project here.