3-Step Blooming Spring Centerpieces

Tulips + Sheet Moss + Glass Cylinder

Remove tulips from the pot and wrap bulbs with sheet moss (found at crafts stores), forming a kokedama (Japanese moss ball). Preserve the shape with fishing line. To accompany the floral kokedama, sprout fresh wheatgrass in a decked-out glass beaker.

How to Care for Kokedama

How to Make Kokedama

How to Make Kokedama

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Dwarf Iris + Spikemoss + Box

Jewels of another kind fill this cedar chest. Line the flea market box with plastic wrap, then drop in 4-inch pots of budded irises and mosses. Use fillers like spikemoss as the supporting cast for seasonal flowers. After blooms fade, foliage carries on this trunk show.

Hyacinths + Sheet Moss + Metal Trough

Trough planters can be ready-made or handcrafted; this one is inspired by half-round galvanized gutters. Fill with soil and budded hyacinth bulbs. Top with sheet moss. Tuck in earthy knickknacks, like these ceramic faux fungi, for a woodsy look.

Daffodils + Dried Grass +Lantern

Repurpose a lantern into a botanical curiosity—we love the simple square shape of this one. Place a 4-inch pot of daffodils in the candleholder. Spin dried grass (from your garden or local flower market) to form a nest to conceal the pot.

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