Water Xylophone

xylophone 2

Here is a quick and fun activity you can do with your little ones: exploring sound with a water xylophone.


  • glass bottles (mason jars or Snapple bottles)
  • water
  • food coloring
  • stick or something else to hit the bottles


    1. xylophone 3Fill the bottles with different levels of water. Add food coloring to them to make the colors of the rainbow.

    2. Use any object you want to hit the glass bottles to make noise. We used a butter knife and a wooden stick.

    After Troy hit the bottles for a while, we talked about the different sounds we heard. He came to the conclusion that the purple water bottle with the least water had a high-pitched sound and the red water in a fuller bottle had a lower sound. It was good for him to stop and listen to hear the differences. Click here to see a video of Troy making music!