Water lily

Water lily






Under 6 inches


3-12 feet wide

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Seasonal Features:

Fall Bloom,
Summer Bloom

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Good for Containers,
Low Maintenance



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Design for a Moon Garden
Design for a Moon Garden

Wildlife Water Garden Plan
Wildlife Water Garden Plan

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'Afterglow' water lily

‘Afterglow’ water lily

Nymphaea ‘Afterglow’ offers magical coloring (pink flowers touched with shades of yellow and orange) on its very fragrant flowers during the day. Plants spread 6-8 feet. Zones 4-10

'Arc en Ciel' water lily

‘Arc en Ciel’ water lily

Nymphaea ‘Arc en Ciel’ offers showy foliage; each leaf is unique, with splashes of pink, yellow, cream, and sometimes red. The pale pink flowers open in daytime and fade as they age. Plants spread to 4-5 feet wide. Zones 4-10

Cape blue water lily

Cape blue water lily

Nymphaea capensis is a day-bloomer that features fragrant light blue flowers with a distinct star shape that rise above the floating leaves in summer. The plant spreads 5-8 feet. Zones 4-10

'Carolina Sunset' water lily

‘Carolina Sunset’ water lily

Nymphaea ‘Carolina Sunset’ bears peach-color blooms during the day and grows to 8 inches wide. Zones 4-10

'Chromatella' water lily

‘Chromatella’ water lily

Nymphaea ‘Chromatella’ bears small yellow flowers during the day, as well as attractive purple-mottled foliage. This dwarf variety is perfect for petite ponds and container gardens, and it tolerates light shade. Zones 4-10

'Colorado' water lily

‘Colorado’ water lily

Nymphaea ‘Colorado’ delights with vivid pink-peach day-blooming flowers tipped in pale yellow. Its new leaves are burgundy, adding extra interest. The plants grow 3-5 feet across. Zones 4-10

European white water lily

European white water lily

Nymphaea alba bears cup-shape white flowers, sometimes tinged pink, around a center of showy stamens. The dark green leaves have red undersides. The plant spreads 5-1/2 feet. Zones 5-11

Fragrant water lily

Fragrant water lily

Nymphaea odorata is a North American native that’s fast-growing and endowed with very fragrant flowers. Held high above the foliage, the white blooms are 6-8 inches in diameter. Plants spread 5-7 feet wide. Zones 4-10

'George L. Thomas' water lily

‘George L. Thomas’ water lily

Nymphaea ‘George L. Thomas’ offers shimmering, deep pink blooms during the day. This fast-growing plant needs a larger pond to show off its glory. It spreads 6-12 feet. Zones 4-10

'Helvola' water lily

‘Helvola’ water lily

Nymphaea ‘Helvola’ is a miniature day-blooming variety that produces small yellow flowers among leaves streaked with purple. It spreads to 2-3 feet. Zones 4-10

'Hot Pink' water lily

‘Hot Pink’ water lily

Nymphaea ‘Hot Pink’ is an award-winning tropical water lily that sports large, neon-pink flowers that remain open until late in the day. The green foliage is mottled with reddish brown. It spreads 4 feet. Zones 9-11

'Luciana' water lily

‘Luciana’ water lily

Nymphaea ‘Luciana’ is a classic day-blooming variety that generously produces 6-inch-wide pink flowers over a long season. It is adaptable to low light. This plant spreads 3-4 feet wide. Zones 4-10

'Marliacea Carnea' water lily

‘Marliacea Carnea’ water lily

Nymphaea ‘Marliacea Carnea’ unfolds glowing flowers with a subtle pink blush during the day. It is vigorous, flowers freely, and flourishes in larger ponds. Plants spread 4-5 feet. Zones 4-10

'Midnight' water lily

‘Midnight’ water lily

Nymphaea ‘Midnight’ produces small, lightly fragrant lavender blooms during the day. The plants spread 4-6 feet. Zones 8-11

'Mrs. George H. Pring' water lily

‘Mrs. George H. Pring’ water lily

Nymphaea ‘Mrs. George H. Pring’ is an award-winning variety that features fragrant day-blooming single, large white blooms with a ring of showy yellow stamens at the center. Zones 8-11

'Peach Glow' water lily

‘Peach Glow’ water lily

Nymphaea ‘Peach Glow’ features large, luminous peach flowers during the day that pale to white as they reach the end of their four-day bloom. This free-flowering variety continues to produce blooms into the fall. Plants spread 5-7 feet. Zones 4-10

'Rembrandt' water lily

‘Rembrandt’ water lily

Nymphaea ‘Rembrandt’ bears rose-pink blooms during the day that age to deep red. The plants spread 4-5 feet. Zones 4-10

'Shirley Bryne' water lily

‘Shirley Bryne’ water lily

Nymphaea ‘Shirley Bryne’ bears vibrant-pink cup-shape blooms during the day. Zones 8-11

'Texas Dawn' water lily

‘Texas Dawn’ water lily

Nymphaea ‘Texas Dawn’ is a glorious day-blooming hybrid that holds its clusters of large yellow flowers up to the sun. It spreads 3-5 feet. Zones 4-10

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