Water Bottle Boats: Video

Make mini boats to float or race with recycled water bottles!


  • two empty water bottles (caps on)
  • duct tape (we used two different colors)
  • scissors
  • thin cardboard
  • action figures/dolls (optional)
  • a big container (optional)


    • water boat longCut out a small rectangle from your cardboard and cover it in duct tape.


    • Tape the two water bottles side by side to the bottom of the cardboard.


    • Cut out a triangle and cover that with duct tape as well. We used a different color for this, to add flair.


    • Tape the triangle to the top of the cardboard boat, making a fin or sail.


    • Fill a container (or bathtub) with water.


    Then float your boat! We added some action figures and dolls and set sail. If you live by a small river or creek, you can set sail there, too.