Watch: Grow Seeds in an Eggshell – Living centerpiece announces the arrival of spring

Seed Starting

USE an eggshell to grow a tiny crop of ornamental seedlings. Displayed singly or in a group, the seedlings make a great spring centerpiece. Any eggs will do; just be sure to rinse them thoroughly before filling with soil. Any traces of egg will result in bad smells.

Almost any seed will work. Try leftover grass seed, wheatgrass or salad greens. Just make sure the seed is relatively fresh. If it’s really old, it might not germinate.

Because the eggshells don’t have drainage holes, it’s not practical to grow garden seedlings in them. However, you could start them in eggshells and then pot them up into something bigger after a few weeks. The idea here is to create a simple, beautiful centerpiece that celebrates springtime.

Eggshell centerpiece

This little egghead has hair that’s made of tiny arugula seedlings.

Centerpiece made of wheatgrass growing in eggshells

Group several shells in a bowl for a living springtime centerpiece. When the greens start to fade, toss the eggs in the compost. These shells are planted with wheatgrass.