Vine supports

This is Home, Family, Life. Now, here is Mrs. Fixit Climbing vines add great dimension to any garden, but if you’re looking to add interest beyond the traditional trellis, I have some ideas for you. Check your local garden center for interesting structures specifically designed for climbers like these metal pyramid. Train the vines by tying them off with some sewing thread or a few twist ties. With a little coaxing, vines will follow any path you put them on, so your choices are only limited by your imagination. Beyond the garden center, check the garage. And old ladder or stepstool is a great idea. When trained, the vines will go in and out of the supports and you can set smaller pots on the steps for a cute display. This will also work with an old chair or a kitchen stool. How about old garden tools? A rusty old rakes settled into a garden with greenery climbing up the handle would be great conversation piece. If you have a an old crib in your attic, pull out one of the side supports and lean it against the house for a vine support that will remind you of your little ones. If you’re working in a container, consider an old grill grate for a pot size trellis. I’m Mrs. Fixit, and it’s just that simple. Thanks for watching Home, Family, Life. For more information or questions for Mrs. Fixit, write her .