Use Paints to Dress Up Your Clay Pots


You can use both spray paints and paint pens to dress up your clay pots to match or coordinate with your outdoor furnishings.

One of the fastest ways to do any type of painting that I know of is spray painting, especially for craft projects.  For this project we are using Design Masters Color Tool Sprays.  As with any projects there are techniques to be learned before attempting a project.  Before painting read the following instructions to make sure your project comes out paint perfect.

Basic Techniques:

Like any tool there is a proper way to use DESIGN MASTER Sprays for safe and superb results. Before applying that fresh coat of color make sure to have prepared your surroundings and project. Follow these simple guidelines to ensure successful results.

Mechanics of Coloring:

Be sure the surface or object is clean and dry. Plastic, glass and some terra cotta should be sprayed with Design Master Mess Master and wiped to remove all dirt and invisible residue from the molding process. On very porous surfaces use a basecoat of Design Master Super Surface Sealer or Primer to keep paint from being absorbed. Glossy or hard surfaces should be sanded to improve adhesion.

Helpful tips when using spray paint:

  • Protect work area from overspray with a drop cloth or newspaper.
  • Apply spray color and finishes in good weather. Ideally in a room-temperature (70 °F) low humidity area. Avoid painting in direct sunlight and on a hot, humid day as these conditions will cause the spray to dry too quickly and produce a dull finish.
  • Always use in a well-ventilated area.
  • Read and follow the directions and cautions on each product.
  • Shake the can well, before and between uses.
  • Point the nozzle towards the black dot on can rim to access all of contents.
  • For general application: Hold paint can -15” away from the surface.
    Painting Flower Pot Instructions:


1. Make sure pots are clean and dry.


2. Spray 2-3 light coats of Robin’s Egg, Aspen Yellow and Olive Bright on individual pots, applying approx 10″-12″ from surface. Let dry.

3. Protect with 2 light coats of Pottery Sealer. Let dry.


4. With paint pens draw partial daisy blossoms just under the rim on 2 sides of pots.


5. Paint stripes on lip of pot. Let dry then outline in black.


6. Plant pots with bloomers or fill with sand, candle and glass globe for outdoor lighting

This is a great project that everyone in the family will enjoy.