Turning A Usual Florist One Into A Vintage-Styled Rose Bucket

DIY Vintage Styled Rose Bucket From A Usual Florist One

Creating a floral centerpiece isn’t so difficult: just take flowers you’ve grown or bought, mix them in the way you like and put them into some cool vase. To make your combo much more beautiful and eye-catching you can substitute the vase with something like a decorated mason jar, a basket, a wooden box and many, many other things – almost anything that comes to your mind! A usual florist bucket, that plastic untidy piece, is definitely the last thing that you will think of but what if we spruce it a little bit? Today’s tutorial is gonna tell you how to turn a usual and boring plastic bucket into an adorable one that will fit any party table setting. Prepare a plastic florist bucket, extra large resin rose furniture appliques and latex caulk. Since the bucket is round, carefully warm up the resin applique by heating on a low temperature in the microwave to make it more pliable. Give it extra holding power by going around the edges and sealing with a hot glue gun. Give it a coat of white spray and let it dry. You may go for a sealer or add some antiquity to the roses using gold paint or just leave it as it is. Now pour some water and add bold and colorful flowers to make a contrast!DIY Vintage Styled Rose Bucket From A Usual Florist OneDIY Vintage Styled Rose Bucket From A Usual Florist One