Turning Over a New Leaf: Foliage-Inspired Fashion


Photography by: Bucru Avsar

The style forecast calls for our favorite bundle-up accessory: a scarf. Give your knit scarf a glittery, shimmery makeover. Embellishing with sequin strips, trims, and ribbons in autumnal colors will make it shine — and when it’s billowing in the breeze, it looks just like leaves caught in sunlight.

Decorate Your Scarf


Is there anything prettier than the sight of fall leaves tumbling down from their tree boughs into the wind? Similarly, is there anything more romantic than these soft mohair rosettes tumbling down the front of your buttoned cardigan?

Make the No-Knit Floral Sweater Flourish


The changing of the seasons (and therefore, the changing of the leaves from lively green to muted gold) can be hard to capture. This iron-on leafy applique — gilded in gold thread — is strung from metallic cord or ribbon to craft a seasonal statement.

Make the Bib Necklace


Photography by: Myers Robertson

This dramatic ankle-length skirt in silk taffeta is as simple to make (and wear) as a sarong. The sound of the silk taffeta folds brushing along with your stride evokes the sound of rustling leaves.

Make the Glam Wrap Skirt

Work with an autumnal color palette. Think earthy browns, deep reds, and mustard yellows. Above, associate crafts editor Erin Furey of “DIY Style” shows how easy it is to make a pair of these.


You could just rake up and bag those freshly fallen leaves … or you could save them for cute-as-a-button style crafts like this leafy tote bag. No two leaves are exactly alike, so a cluster of undamaged leaves, coated in a vibrant fabric paint, will make a one-of-a-kind print on an undyed canvas tote bag.

Make the Leaf Print Tote Bag


Or try pinning leaves together into these accessories. These festive boutonnieres — made with vintage silk leaves and tied with taffeta ribbon — are perfect for a fancier fall soiree. Mix and match different autumnal odds and ends like pinecone flowers, acorns, and plaid-patterned fabrics.

Make the Fall Boutonnieres