Traced-Hand Clifford

Celebrate Clifford’s birthday with this fun and easy Clifford craft!


  • red construction paper
  • child-safe scissors
  • pencil
  • black marker
  • white paint
  • black paint


  1. Place the child’s hand on the red construction paper with the middle three fingers in a closed position—the pinky finger and thumb separated slightly away from them.
  2. Trace around the hand using a pencil.
  3. Cut around the outline.
  4. Place the cutout so that the fingers are pointing down. The pinky and thumb represent Clifford’s ears.
  5. Dip your or your child’s thumb in white paint and make two thumbprints where you would like the eyes to be. Let dry.
  6. Using the pointer finger, make a black fingerprint inside each of the white thumbprints for pupils. Let dry.
  7. Draw the nose with a black marker, as well as eyebrows and a mouth.