TP Roll Spool Knitting

knit final

My kids and I wanted to try our hands at spool knitting, but didn’t have any wooden spools sitting around the house. So we opted for a simpler version: one using a toilet paper roll! Here’s how your family can do it too.


  • 1 toilet paper roll
  • glue
  • six Popsicle sticks
  • a few rubber bands
  • ball of yarn (different colors are always fun!)


    1. knit longGlue six craft (Popsicle) sticks around the tube so that their ends stick out beyond one end. (This can also be these done with three or four sticks.)

    2. Wrap a couple of rubber bands around the tube to stabilize the sticks.

    3. After the glue dries, thread the yarn through the tube from top to bottom, so the loose end is sticking out the bottom of the tube.

    4. Loop the yarn around each stick, so that the yarn crosses behind the sticks.

    5. When all of the sticks have a loop of yarn, wrap the yarn around all the sticks, in one loop, and begin lifting the bottom loops over the new loop.

    6. As you continue wrapping around all the sticks and lifting loops over the top, a tube of knitting should descend through the tube and out the bottom.

    Then you can knit to your heart’s desire! Some ideas include: bracelets, a belt, a flower, a hot pad, place mats, a rug, etc. What will you make?