Tour an Eco-Friendly Landscape

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    • Less Work, More Play

      With outdoor amenities like a shower, hot tub, and dining area, the homeowner’s landscape is made for relaxing. 

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    • Encourage Diversity

      Mixing natives, cut flowers, edibles, and family heirlooms in designs creates a unique look. On the left, enlarged ledges provide a warm spot for succulents and other full-sun containers.

    • Veggies Anywhere

      Portable garden towers take up very little space — perfect for patios or balconies.

    • Use Every Space

      A colorful mix of annuals, perennials and herbs flanks the front steps of the home. Plants grow in the gaps between steppers, softening the textured concrete.

    • Tropical Surprise

      A stepping-stone path is lined with creeping Jenny and bergenia. Bananas, which are overwintered in a greenhouse, add an unexpected element to the landscape.

    • Catch the Rain

      These 75-gallon rain barrels can handle huge rainstorms. Hose hookups at the barrels’ bases allow for easy watering of nearby vegetable beds during dry periods.

    • Turn Beds Into Veggie Gardens

      This homeowner believes that a big part of sustainable gardening is to group plants with the same requirements. By planting annuals mixed in with edibles like kale, rhubarb, or broccoli, you can feel good about watering thirsty annuals because you’re watering produce, too.

    • No Runoff!

      Rainwater drains into the gaps between permeable pavers, nearly eliminating runoff.

    • Protect Pollinators

      This homeowner isn’t a beekeeper; a nearby university maintains her hives. Similar programs exist in other states and can be located by calling state beekeeper organizations.

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