Top Shade Garden Plants

-If you have a shady spot on your backyard, it’s easy to transform it into a colorful garden. These plants rely on Hostas which come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colors. But in addition to Hostas there are many other blooming perennials that will fill your garden with color from spring to fall. Hosta should be the backbone of any shade garden, they ranges in size from 6 inches to 6 feet and coming just about every color imaginable from green to blue. Some were even tinged with yellow and white. They also spread with times, you can dig, divide and make more of them. Large varieties such as Sagae can grow to as much as 3 1/2 feet wide and 4 feet tall over time. Virginia Bluebells are another native wild flower. They come up in spring, have lovely pinkish blue flowers and die back in June, but don’t worry they come back next spring. Old-fashioned Bleeding Heart is a charming spring bloomer every garden should have. They come in pink and white but sadly like Virginia bluebells, they die back in June. Heuchera commonly called Coral Bells is a great plant for partially shaded areas. This variety is called Palace Purple because of its purple leaves. Other varieties common Chartreuse, Dark Rain and [unk] blue silver, all of those [unk] beautiful flowers in mid summer. The Leucojum is a spring blooming bulb that you plant on the fall. It blooms in May right alongside the bleeding hearts and Hostas it goes about 2 feet tall and as beautiful pendulous white flowers. Epimedium is also called Barrenwort. It’s a great plant for dry shade, it’s really grow taller and produces flowers in spring. They come in a variety of colors. There also a variety of leaf forms in many [unk]. Hellebore also called Christmas rose or winter rose is another perennial that pops up very early in the spring. The flowers are pendulous and come in a variety of colors though they fade by mid-summer, the plant’s foliage looks green for the rest of growing season. Valerian may look delicate but this spring bloomer is as tough as nails. It’s a bulb you plant in the fall that pops up again in the spring. They are very tough hardy. While Ginger makes a great ground covering shady gardens, it has lovely heart-shaped leaves and small purple flowers hidden in the foliage over time while ginger will carpet in the area with its bright green leaves. Pulmonaria also called Lungworts is prized for its pattern foliage and delicate looking flowers. The blooms come in pink, blue and white and the patter leaves vary from variety to variety. They thrived in rich soils and shady locations. Narcissus or Daffodils come in a broad specter of colors, shapes and flower forms. Plant them on a fall, the flowers pop up at spring before the trees evenly fell.